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About Us


Fusion Apothecary Dubai

Fusion Apothecary is a well established Compounding Lab and Pharmacy presence in Dubai Health Care City-Building 47

Our integrated labs which had been built according to the latest standards of united states pharmacopoeia  (USP 795, USP 797, USP 800) are fully equipped with cutting edge machines and utensils to serve the patients with tailor made medications that match with their unique requirements.

Safety & Quality Control


Fusion Apothecary has always placed great emphasis on quality and it remains as one of our guiding principles.

We Focus on quality by :

  • The way we designed our facility which is located in Dubai Health Care City
  • Hiring certified compounding professionals hold year of experience
  • Making quality is the responsibility of everyone who works at Fusion Apothecary

Good Compounding Practice-MOHA

Fusion Apothecary Pharmacy and Compounding Lab follows the restricted instruction of United State Pharmacopoeia and UAE-Ministry of Health regulations for Good Compounding Practice to assure our customer the highest level of quality.

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